by Rabbi Yonason Herschlag


Yonason was born in the United States into a family of accomplished artists.  He studied commercial and fine art through his early schooling and at Rhodes College in Tennessee.  In 1987, at the age of 24, having rediscovered his religious roots, he went to Israel and became a Talmudic scholar and a scribe.  The Holy Land inspires his art and his scribe work.  Yonason’s scenes of holy sites, the countryside and villages are primarily in watercolor.  Carefully produced, limited edition prints of some of these are also available.  Scenes from the U.S. are in acrylic.

What sets Yonason’s work apart is his intimate treatment of both living and inanimate subjects, a reflection of the artist’s vision of spirituality in all things.  Light and shadow become substantial, stones become ephemeral, trees and sky combine into eternal patterns.

The artist has devoted the last ten years to scribing religious documents, scholarly pursuits and publication of his articles.  His watercolors and acrylics predate these endeavors but his love of painting beckons and he intends to return to it.  His Sail Boat and all art after it were done in his youth

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